Contiguous US
Chronic Noise Exceedance
  • Mapping Anthropogenic Night Light and Noise

    This web map shows the distribution of risk to National Parks and mammals from anthropogenic night light and noise across the contiguous US.

    Follow this quick tutorial to learn how to use this application.

    Tutorial Photo
  • Navigating the Web Map

    Navigation Map
  • Available Risk Layers

    4 types of risk layers to explore:
    • Anthropogenic Night Light Source
    • Sky Light Pollution Ratio (Skyglow)
    • Transient Noise Exceedance
    • Chronic Noise Exceedance

    For more information, visit the "more info" page.

    Risk Layers
  • Selecting Parameters

    Step 1: Select category

    Step 2: Select from the dropdown or search by mammal species or by national park unit

  • Different Types of Results

    Metric Button

    Metrics such as percent above/below threshold values for individual risk type are available for mammal species range and park unit boundary. Associated maps are also available.

    Metric Table
    Metric On Button
  • Different Types of Results

    Chart Button

    Available only when 'Anthropogenic Night Light Source' layer is the selected risk type.

    A chart showing the changes in radiance values for the selected mammal species or park unit will appear.

    Species Button

    Available only when selected category is "National Park Units."

    A list of species which distribution ranges overlap with the selected park unit will appear. Species list is currently available for National Parks.

  • Export Map

    Available in the Side Bar Export Tab

    Export Tab

    Allow exporting of maps in various file formats.

    Export Tab Info
  • Get Ready to Explore

    Try this web map application!

    Additional information available in
    'More Info' page


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